Someone built a life-size AT-ST replica just because

Maybe you’ve built a tree fort in your backyard or put together the most epic Man Cave imaginable. None of that matters, because they pale in comparison to the work of one mysterious engineer, who took his Star Wars fandom to ridiculous new heights. Guess we know which side of the rebellion he falls on.

A photo of an All Terrain Scout Transport (AT-ST) from Return of the Jedi first appeared online nearly a year ago, never to be heard from again. However, the same person who posted the image finally mustered up the courage to ask the mysterious builder, who wished to remain anonymous (maybe he’s Supreme Leader Snoke?), if he could get a closer look at the Empire’s walker.

Apparently the AT-ST was built using specs pulled from the internet, which is mind-blowing and proves you can find anything online if you search hard enough. The craziest part is the AT-ST replica is functional; it can’t roam around or anything like that, but it seats two in the cockpit and the laser cannon moves up and down (complete with sound effects).

According to the mysterious engineer (who is probably part of the Empire and should be arrested immediately), woke up one day and felt like building the AT-ST replica just because. JUST BECAUSE.

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