Someone On Craigslist Is Trying To Sell A VW Rabbit With A Hitler Speedometer

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Screenshot: Craigslist

I’m a firm believer that everyone should be allowed to modify their own car as they see fit, as long as, you know, those modifications aren’t about hurting anyone. It’s your car, so, enjoy it, however that may play out! That said, that doesn’t mean I understand the choices people may make, and I can’t think of a better example than this 2007 Volkswagen Rabbit for sale in the Bay Area. The one with a speedometer and tachometer modified to be two little Hitlers.



Screenshot: Craigslist

The title of the Craigslist ad reads “2007 VW Rabbit, interesting spedo,” and you know, spelling aside, dude’s not wrong. As far as speedos go, yes, that one is, um, interesting. At least in the sense of it standing out from the vast majority of speedometers that lack any references to Hitler at all.


Here’s the picture of that interesting speedometer and tach:


Screenshot: Craigslist

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Now, even as somebody who’s so Jewish that my blood type is deli, I’m not exactly offended by this. I’m baffled, a bit, but I do appreciate the care taken here—the arm is placed on the needle, and behind the body, so as you drive the Hitler twins give a little bobbing Nazi salute, and I’m sure that looks pretty funny.

Maybe the inspiration came from the nature of the weird stiff-arm salute? Could be. I mean, it appears that the swastika armbands have been modified to just be little diamonds, so this may not be the work of some creepy-ass Nazi fetishist or bigot, and just a weirdo with questionable taste?


Here’s what the copy of the ad reads (emphasis mine):

2007 vw rabbit. Has 137xxx miles with a 5 speed trans. Clutch feels good. Heat and ac work awesome, brakes are newer stops good, power windows. Interior is in good condition just needs a good cleaning. Tires have very good tread on all 4. Only small issue is the abs and trac light idk never bothered me and there is a slight exhaust leak nothing bad at all. Headlights were changed out to high/low LED lights. Very bright at night.Last month had Mr. tire change the oil and filter with liquid moly and a mann oil filter. Changed the fuel filter had all 5 spark plugs changed with ngk and a bosh air filter. Overall car rides down the road awesome. Time to sell before winter as itll be sitting around cuz i have my plow truck ill be driving.

Asking 4000 cash.

Price is low but hoping the unique speedometer is enjoyed. Thanks for your interest and lemme know if you want to test drive or have a mechanic do a pre-inspect.


Maybe it’s just like a shock-comedy joke? Though, in the end, you’re still stuck staring at a pair of little Hitlers saluting every time you drive anywhere, and I’m just not sure what to make of that.

What really makes me curious is how a person who owns a car like this deals with, you know, other people? If you give a friend a ride to the airport, how is their first question not going to be “hey, what’s up with the little Hitlers?”


I’ve wondered before about cars used as vehicles for difficult messages like this. How would you loan this car to anyone without them assuming you’re a horrible Nazi? How do you take dates in a car like this? You’d either have to actually be a Nazi and only interact with other Nazis, or never let anyone in your car.

I can’t really tell if the speedo is being treated as something that adds value to the car or not? It’s all confusing to me.


I guess if your dream has always been to find an affordable manual hatchback but you really, really wanted one of history’s greatest monsters to let you know your speed and how fast your crankshaft was spinning, then holy shit are you in luck.

I hope you enjoy your new car, weirdo.

(Thanks, Mario!)

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