Sonos rolls out a big software updates for iOS and Android apps

Sonos released a big update for its Controller app on Tuesday, adding a bunch of useful features for managing your wireless speaker system from your phone. The update includes easy controls from the iOS lock screen, better quality audio streaming and more.

Most of the improvements are exclusive to iOS, but there’s an update for Android as well. The iOS update includes Quick Controls from the lock screen so you can skip through tracks, pause/play and control the volume without unlocking your iPhone first. The update also adds Force Touch support for jumping to a specific part of the app straight from the home screen. Finally, you can use Split View to view Sonos Controller and a second app at the same time.

The same update also promises better audio quality when you’re streaming from Rhapsody/Napster thanks to a higher bitrate. Sonos simplified its Trueplay Tuning feature too so you can get the best sound in any room even easier than before.

The new version of Sonos Controller is available now for iOS and Android. It should update automatically, but you can jumpstart the process by hitting the relevant source link below.

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