Spend A Few Minutes Watching A Trophy Truck Jump In Slow Motion

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Screenshot: Toyo Tires

Another day, another neat video of a talented driver doing really cool shit under the auspices of marketing for a tire company and energy drink brand. I’m going to be a little cynical for a moment and say all of these are kind of the same, and they’re all trying to live up to the hype of Ken Block’s Gymkhana series, and most of them are totally forgotten within a few hours. Case in point, this one is called AMPD2, and I’d never seen or heard of AMPD. I think BJ Baldwin has done four of those “Recoil” videos in his trophy truck, and I barely remember those.


But, if we’re going to have something flashy and fun to take our minds off of all the shit going on out in the world for a few minutes, it surely can’t be a bad thing. Honestly, I wish I had a few hours of this shit to sit down and watch tonight. Trophy trucks are cool, they make loud noises, they go fast, and they jump shit, which is rad as hell and I like it. Sue me.

In this one Baja 1000 winner Alan Ampuda is jumping his truck all over Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. I went back and watched the first one, and at least in that one there was a “plot” that he had to get Lil’ Jon to a concert on time. This one is just truck go fast. I guess it’s like porn in that sometimes they have plot and sometimes they just skip the pretenses and get down to the reason you’re there.

Anyway, it’s neat and you don’t have anything else going on in your life right now, so click the play button and enjoy four minutes of big V8 noises and suspension travel longer than my arm. I guess the message here is that life sucks and Toyo wants you to buy tires.

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