Spyro the Dragon’s first level remade in Unreal Engine 4

Modders have used the Unreal Engine 4 to recreate some of gaming history’s most iconic levels and even entire games. Time to throw another impressive one onto the pile.

Spyro the Dragon is one of the oldest “non-Japanese” games I feel nostalgic towards, and I remember it was actually a gift for my sister back in the days of the PlayStation. It came loaded with fun characters, and more importantly, expansive worlds with fun environments to bumble around in. Here, we have the first hub-level, the Artisan World, recreated by IAmMurloc. Nostalgia ahoy!

No playable version has been made yet, but congratulations to IAaMurloc for making me want to fire up my PSOne Classic version. That was a pretty sweet game, wasn’t it? Much better than Crash Bandicoot.

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