Square Enix will have three different playable Final Fantasy demos at E3 2016

In addition to some other playable games and a mysterious Tomb Raider surprise, Square Enix’s “Road to E3 2016” has confirmed three more playable demos that will be on the floor, and all of them will be coming from the same franchise.

Of course, this is Square Enix’s biggest franchise, Final Fantasy, which has not one but three games that require heavy representation. Naturally, Final Fantasy XV is the biggest of the three and will be garnering most of the attention, especially from those who haven’t played either of the PlayStation Network and Xbox One demos yet.

Following it, Final Fantasy XIV will also lay out all of its most recent updates in a playable multiplayer booth, and as the best Final Fantasy in over a decade, you should really give it a chance if you’ve avoided the “smelly MMORPG” for this long.

Closing out the series is the awkwardly titled Final Fantasy Brave Exvius, an iOS and Android game based on the hit mobile JRPG, Brave Frontier. Basically, think Brave Frontier with all of your favorite Final Fantasy heroes from over the years, and you’ll have a good idea of what to expect.

Final Fantasy hype is in full swing, and it feels good to be alive again! More from Square Enix on the floor from E3 2016.

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