Star Wars: Listen to Chewbacca speak english in awesome behind the scenes video

Most diehard Star Wars fans already know that Chewbacca had actual dialog in the movie’s script. But in the movie, all we hear is grunts and roars.

Now, a new video shared by Chewbacca actor Peter Mayhew reveals what his character was saying with dialog intact.

In The Empire Strikes Back, there’s a scene when Chewie and Han Solo have a heated exchange in a hangar on Hoth. In the finished product, audiences see nothing more than Chewie shaking his head and growling angrily. But behind the scenes, he had lines just like the other actors.

Wonderful bit of stuff from @jamieswb!!

— Peter Mayhew (@TheWookieeRoars) November 5, 2016

“Where the hell have you been?” Chewie can be heard shouting at Han. It’s odd and funny and, according to George Lucas, was done to keep pacing and tone.

So that’s what he says

While Chewie’s movements and roars give him plenty of emotion, hearing him talk adds an all-new layer of complexity. However, hearing the Wookiee speak English just doesn’t fit with the character, which is why his dialog is dubbed over.

In Star Wars, characters understand Chewie’s shyriiwook language like it’s anything else, while audiences are left wondering what the heck he’s saying. This new clip gives us an idea of the kind of exchanges he has in lieu of grunting and roaring.

The same thing was done for Darth Vader’s lines, with James Earl Jones’s voice dubbed over actor David Prowse’s dialog.

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