Sunday Scaries: After going 4-0 last week, here are my Week 3 bets you should avoid


Bears QB Mitch Trubisky and Falcons QB Matt Ryan
Image: (Getty Images)

Have you ever been so unsure of a choice that you just point and pray you’ve made the right decision? If you bet this game, that’s how you’ll feel.

How can you trust either one of these teams? The Bears (barely) beat … the Lions and Giants. Chicago, with Mitch Trubisky under center, may be undefeated, but they don’t look like a 2-0 team.

On the other side of the ball, we have the Falcons. They stink. Atlanta and QB Matt Ryan started their game up 20-0 against the Cowboys, then blew a 29-10 lead at halftime. And we know what happened, a 40-39 loss. I actually bet that game last week… should’ve stuck with the Week 2 scaries picks.

Anyway, do you really know who has an edge in this one? And if you live outside Chicago or Atlanta, do you really care? Stay away.

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