Super Mario 64 fans discover another impossible coin to collect

Super Mario 64 is an endlessly fascinating platformer in which beating it is only half the fun. Sure, you can set out to just collect all the stars, but doing only that leaves all of the explorable areas, glitches, and fun mysteries untouched. Even to this day, fans enjoy picking this classic apart for secrets, and 20 years after it first released, the Nintendo faithful have found a new one.

The latest comes from YouTube channel UncommentatedPannen. It claims that it has uncovered a new, “impossible” coin to collect, and rather than publish a video that shows endless attempts to grab it, it decided to explain scientifically how it knows the coin is there. Through pattern recognition of five coin lines and the angle of the slope, the wayward coin is actually buried underneath the floor.

The word “impossible” is not in video gamer lexicon

The video is an interesting look at the secrets behind one of history’s most iconic video games, but one thing I have learned is that video gamers do not accept anything as “impossible.” From beating Dark Souls with guitars and dance pads to breaking world records by a thousandth of a second, video gamers will find a way.

Go on, prove the video wrong. Fire up the old Nintendo 64 and head into Tiny-Huge Island. Find a way to snag that coin without a hack!

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