SUPERHOT review – A crazy blend of shooter, strategy and sci-fi

Time only moves when you do.

SUPERHOT is a pretty nifty game in concept. Essentially, you’re dropped into a space with these, as the game calls them, “red dudes” coming after you. You’ll learn quickly that time in the game almost stands still if you don’t move. There’s a little motion there, enough to push you to make a decision, but not so much that the game flies by you.

So, as you’re taking these baddies on, you’re constantly looking around, seeing where they’re coming from, deciding when to disarm them, when to shoot, how to dodge and when to ditch a gun.

What you get from this is an FPS with a uniquely strategic approach. You can’t just run in to a situation, throwing caution to the wind with guns blazing. One bullet or sword hit means death, both for you and the red dudes, and that means that you have to be cautious and use this time thing to your advantage.

You’re tossed into a stage, you isolate the reds, you kill them and then one gets a quick round off from a corner you didn’t check. It happens a lot, and the game smartly features a very fast restart feature. Trial and error are the key here, and you’ll wind up trying stages again and again on your way to completing the story. There is a story, too, but we won’t be touching that.

You don’t want this thing spoiled. It’s insane.

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