System Shock reboot demo now free as game soars on Kickstarter

Nightdive Studios is fulfilling its promise to remake the classic System Shock from the ground up thanks to the aid of crowd-funding through Kickstarter. The studio has employed a host of veteran designers like Obsidian Entertainment founder Chris Avellone, and the project looks like the real deal so far. The Kickstarter page is professionally done and paints the game as a winner.

This could be the remaster fans have wanted for so long, and it is destined to become the poster child for how powerful of a game development engine Unity can be.

Don’t take my word for it, because you can play the game yourself today! Nightdive Studios, which has a long successful history of digging up forgotten classics, is out to prove that it isn’t just blowing hot air by putting up a free demo of their game. You don’t even need to back it! The demo is available for free for any person who wishes to play.

GOG, Humble, and Steam are all playing host to the demo, so be sure to pick it up and consider donating. The company is looking for $900,000 to fund the project, and, after a single day, it is already nearing the $400,000 marker.

The remaster is in development for the PC only.

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