Tag Heuer launches $9,900 Android Wear smartwatch

Tag Heuer entered the smartwatch market a year ago when it launched the Tag Heuer Connected, an Android Wear smartwatch for the wealthy elite. The original model launched for $1,500 and featured a rubber wrist strap. Now Heuer is back with something even more expensive.

The smartwatch market is getting crowded and fancier

The company recently started selling a new rose gold version of the Tag Heuer Connected. It retails for $9,900 and offers the same exact specs as the much more affordable model. That’s a steep price to pay for any smartwatch, let alone one with components that are already a year old. That’s like a millennium in gadget-years.

Need it? Your rose old Tag Heuer Connected with light brown calfskin strap can be yours… so long as you can find it in store. Hit the source for more information. Go on, you deserve it.

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