Take a serene 4K tour of the International Space Station

Earth will always look beautiful when viewed from space. And it looks even better in 4K.

NASA shared a new video to its YouTube channel that gives would-be astronauts a glimpse of life aboard the International Space Station (ISS). Although the different corridors look cramped, you can’t beat the views.

There’s something about looking at Earth against the backdrop of space that instantly puts things into perspective.

Maybe it’s just the fact that I’m writing this fresh off of Halloween but I was half-expecting the video to take a twist and devolve into a horror movie. Now, that would have been a cool Halloween prank to pull.

With Cloverfield 3 taking place in space, it sure would’ve made for great viral marketing.

We don’t deserve such beauty

In actuality, the video is a serene look at life aboard the ISS, which still baffles my mind. While all of us toil away here on Earth, there are astronauts aboard the spacecraft floats high above in low Earth orbit.

Seeing the ISS, it’s always a fun reminder of what mankind is capable of achieving when working together. Since the majority of us will never visit space, we can at least live vicariously through videos like this.

Check the video out in all of its 4K glory below.

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