Teach your computer to think for itself with this ‘Deep Learning & Artificial Intelligence’ training


Teaching machines to learn may sound like hardcore sci-fi, but it’s the way engineers and software developers are pushing the boundaries of technology to new frontiers. You can add an attention-grabbing line to your resume with this Deep Learning & Artificial Intelligence Introductory course package.

Over 12 hours of instruction, these four courses will give you the background in the creation of artificial neural networks, the means by which a digital system can actually learn as it takes in new information. Immerse yourself in the process that powers Apple’s Siri voice recognition and Tesla’s self-driving cars.

These are the courses in your bundle:

  • Deep Learning Prerequisites: Linear Regression in Python: Learn how to create the model for a machine that can learn from multiple inputs.

  • Deep Learning Prerequisites: Logistic Regression in Python: Through practical, real-world examples, you’ll go inside logistic regression, a key pillar in the architecture of Deep Learning.

  • Data Science: Deep Learning in Python: You’ll build your very first neural network.

  • Data Science: Practical Deep Learning in Theano & TensorFlow: Go further inside Deep Learning, utilizing the powerful Theano and TensorFlow Python libraries.

This mind-blowing technology is not only more accessible than you think, but you’ll be amazed at how much of this training you can apply to your online projects. Right now, you can get this ground-breaking learning package for 91% off—just $39 with lifetime access included to the content.

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