Ten Cars You Think Should Be Erased From History

An orange Pontiac Aztek SUV

Photo: Pontiac

An abomination that’s as ugly in actuality as it is in the JPGs. Truly terrible looks. And didn’t the abomination bring Pontiac to its knees — leading to Pontiac’s decapitation?

So yeah, if the Aztek never existed, that would’ve been a giant plus for automotive history and Pontiac’s existence.

Strong words there, but it really is an ugly machine. In the ‘80s, Pontiac ran with the slogan, “We Build Excitement”, and it’s a pity those words weren’t echoing through the design hall when the Aztek was made.

Despite regularly being branded as one of the ugliest cars in production, Pontiac sold more than 115,000 Azteks while the car was in production.

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