Tennis player hits insane behind-the-back volley that’s already being called the ‘Shot of the Year’

Dustin Brown BTBvia Josh Meiseles

Dustin Brown is perhaps best known as the player to come out of nowhere and upset Rafael Nadal in the second round of last year’s Wimbledon. At 31, he is currently ranked no. 133 in the world in singles, and has never cracked the top 50. By all accounts, his best tennis days are behind him.

Still, at an ATP tournament in Bergamo, Italy on Wednesday, Brown hit one of the best volleys you’ll ever see. It is already being called the best tennis shot of the year. Who knows if anyone will be able to top it.

Check out this beauty:

Meanwhile, in Bergamo…

— Josh Meiseles (@jmeistennis) February 10, 2016

You could perhaps watch this highlight and call Brown’s behind-the-back volley lucky, a last-ditch effort in which his racket fortuitously happened to make good contact with the ball. Or, you could instead congratulate Brown on his impeccable hand-eye coordination, and his determination to never give up on a point. Congratulations, Dustin Brown, on hitting the shot of the year.

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