Tesla Model 3: Elon Musk’s most important car yet

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Elon Musk’s EV vision, laid out nearly ten years ago, is finally coming to fruition. At an event in Hawthorne, California on Thursday, the CEO officially unveiled what Tesla has been working toward all along, the Model 3, easily the automaker’s most important car yet.

Everything Tesla has built—Roadster, Model S, Model X—has been a prelude to Tesla’s more lofty goal: make an affordable EV. At $35,000, the Model 3 appears to fit the bill, promising at least 215 miles of range, a speed of 0-60mph in less than 6 seconds, and supercharging tech—all features that will come standard.

This information is key if Tesla really does want to become a household name outside of the 1 percent. So far, Tesla vehicles have only been attainable for the affluent, but with the Model 3, the automaker is promising to deliver a car that anyone can buy. And it won’t compromise on features to attain that base price.

Tesla certainly isn’t the only company hoping to offer an affordable EV with a range of 200+. Chevy is planning to release the Bolt at the end of 2016—a full year ahead of when Tesla hopes to deliver the first Model 3. But Tesla has something Chevy doesn’t: hype. As of this writing, nearly 200,000 pre-orders for the Model 3 have been made, and that number will no doubt go up over the coming months.

According to Musk, yesterday’s event was just “part one” of what Tesla wants to show off. As the company gets closer to delivering the Model 3, Tesla is expected to provide more details about the car, such as why it chose to use a 15-inch display in landscape orientation.

Tesla has an unenviable task ahead of it but this is the exact scenario Musk wanted. With a gigafactory rearing to go and promises to expand its locations and super charger network across the globe, it looks like Tesla is on its way to world domination. Either that or the automaker will crumble under Musk’s lofty ambitions.

Check out the video above to hear more about what the Model 3 is all about.

The Model 3 is Here!!

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