Tesla’s Autopilot team just recruited one of Apple’s smartest engineers

One of the engineers behind Apple’s Swift programming language, Chris Lattner, recently joined Tesla. The automaker confirmed Lattner will be working on its Autopilot team and will help to engineer new autonomous driving functions in future Tesla vehicles.

“Chris’s reputation for engineering excellence is well known,” Tesla said in a blog post this week. “He comes to Tesla after 11 years at Apple where he was primarily responsible for creating Swift, the programming language for building apps on Apple platforms and one of the fastest growing languages for doing so on Linux. Prior to Apple, Chris was lead author of the LLVM Compiler Infrastructure, an open source umbrella project that is widely used in commercial products and academic research today.”

Lattner named VP of Autopilot

Lattner will serve as vice president of Autopilot software at Tesla, replacing a SpaceX VP who filled the role while Tesla searched for a lead.

Tesla is currently working on the deployment of its latest “Enhanced Autopilot” update that enables speed matching, automatic lane switching and other advanced functions. Lattner will no doubt help Tesla usher drivers into a fully autonomous future, one that isn’t as far away as we might think.

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