Texas Tuner Shop Boycotted After Owner Posts Video Rolling Coal On A Cyclist

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Screenshot: @alumiduty via TikTok

People are really just assholes, aren’t they? You always hope humanity will turn it around, but we never really do. Anyway, today’s asshole is this guy. He drives a diesel Ford Super Duty and decided to roll coal past a cyclist on a Texas road while filming a video of the whole encounter.


The video was shot from the driver’s seat. It shows the driver saying “Oh my God, a cyclist.”

From there the asshole-ery really kicks into high gear. The driver slams on the accelerator, and from the passenger-side mirror you can see a cloud of smoke enveloping the cyclist.

This comes just a few months after a teen driver ran over six cyclists while rolling coal in the same state.

Carscoops reports the video was posted to Facebook at first. The driver reportedly also works at or owns a custom car shop in the state.

The video was first posted to a Facebook group called McKinney Uncensored but has since been shared to many other sites and forums, even though the original post was either taken down or made private.

Speaking to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, [the driver] did not deny that he was the driver in the video, instead calling the response to the incident “cancel culture” adding that he didn’t think that someone’s personal action should “affect the place of business where they work at.”

The driver was cagey with the reporter about whether or not he owned the business – saying “yes and no.”

However, that didn’t stop members of the North Texas Cycling Facebook group from calling for a boycott of the business and posting negative reviews online.

The video came to the attention of the group thanks to Megan Tyler, who said that she is both an avid cyclist and an automotive enthusiast. She claims to know, based on the voice, that the person in the video was [the driver] and that, although she did not expect people to post bad reviews, she says that the cycling community appears to be trying to right a wrong.

Tyler said that rolling coal has very real consequences and can obscure a cyclist’s vision, make it harder for them to breathe while they’re exerting themselves, and makes the cyclist much likelier to crash. And there are other risks involved in the practice beyond the unavoidable. In September 2021, a 16-year-old Texan in a pickup hit six cyclists after attempting to roll coal on them, leading some to require surgery for neck and back injuries.

Despite that, [the driver] believes that he is the victim in all of this, saying he “draws the line” at his actions affecting his business.


My, my, my. If it isn’t the consequences of my actions, the driver must have said to himself.

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