The 2017 Mazda CX-5 Is The Perfectly Fine Crossover You Should Probably Buy

The Mazda CX-5 has always been a handsome crossover that was pretty awesome for coming with a manual option. It’s new for 2017, and now it looks like a baby CX-9. That’s a very good thing. You should probably buy one if you’re in the market for a good crossover.


The CX-5 was always good because it handled well and was relatively fun to drive. The new CX-5 will keep the same engine lineup, including 2.0 liter or 2.5 liter options. It’s unclear if the power outputs will be exactly the same, for now. There’s also a diesel available in some markets, but it’s doubtful we’ll ever see that over here.

The manual option will carry over to the new model in Australia according to CarAdvice, but it’s unclear for now whether the Americans will be keeping our option.


The CX-5 is also getting Mazda’s new G-vectoring control steering setup with a new electric power-steering setup. The new design slightly lowers the center of gravity, and the A-pillars have been adjusted for more forward visibility.

The CX-5 is reportedly also now available with a heads-up display system as part of the Active Driving Display option as well as available 4.6 or 7.0 inch floating infotainment display options.

The official launch color of the CX-5 is an update to Mazda’s Soul Red color, now called Soul Red Crystal which is slightly more saturated and shadowy. It looks great.

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