The 25 most powerful football clubs in the world, ranked by squad value, cash, and potential

Cristiano RonaldoCristiano Ronaldo.Getty Images

Soccerex, an events company for the football industry, has published its annual report that ranks the most economically powerful football clubs in the world.

The list highlights the changing landscape of world football, as billionaire investment has led to a power shift with the top 25-ranked clubs now coming from nine different leagues/countries.

This is a far cry from the days when Italy, Germany, England, and Spain were regarded as big financial hitters in the world of football.

Soccerex’s algorithm includes the following variables:

  1. Playing assets (market value of footballers)
  2. Fixed assets (stadium, training facilities, and other properties)
  3. Money in the bank (cash)
  4. Potential owner investment (how active the club owner is in the transfer market)
  5. Net debt

Scroll down to see the 25 most financially powerful football clubs on the planet, ranked in ascending order according to Soccerex.

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