The 9 largest musical fortunes in Britain

Mick Jagger PerformMick Jagger.REUTERS/Juan Medina

Music is big business, and while singing and playing in a band can make you rich and famous — working as producer, dancer, or lyricist can be even more lucrative.

Every year The Sunday Times publishes its highly anticipated “Rich List” of all the wealthiest people in Britain.

As a preview, the publication released a snippet of some of the rankings, listing who accrued the largest musical fortunes in the UK.

This includes individual dancers, singers, bands, and music producers.

The Sunday Times did not say why it split some bands’ musical fortunes up into individual rankings.

Even though Adele is one of the most popular music artists of all time, in Britain she still fails to even remotely top the top 10 richest music-related people with £125 million.

Business Insider took a look at some of the largest musical fortunes in Britain.

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