The Banner Saga 3 Kickstarter is now live, looking for $200,000

The final chapter of Stoic Game’s strategy franchise The Banner Saga 3 is now officially confirmed to exist, and it needs your help to come to fruition.

For one last time, Stoic Games is turning to the fans to help fund the final chapter of its Viking epic story. The studio needs $200,000 to get the project up and running, and multiple rewards tiers are expected to help get it there. Newcomers can also pick the first two games up together for $20 through Stoic as well.

The Banner Saga first hit Kickstarter back in 2012, and it racked up over $700,000 from backers. The figure towered over the $100,000 Stoic was asking for. In fact, the studio made so much money that it was able to make a sequel without needing Kickstarter, able to survive off the revenue of the first game alone.

However, The Banner Saga 3 needs a little help, and the team explains why on the Kickstarter page.

Now we’re back, in a similar position as before, hoping you’ll support Banner Saga 3 to make this game just as special. We’re still solidly indie, not accepting any investor funding so Kickstarter is still a great way to rally the community to show support for the game, while letting us call the shots on the games we make. We’re paying for most of the game ourselves, but the funds we’re asking for will enable us to take the time we need and bring the band back together one more time!

The Banner Saga 3 is all but secure in this campaign

Fans have been quick to respond. As of writing, a few hours after the campaign launched, just under half of the money has been raised at $90,751 from 1,894 backers. Stoic Games has delivered twice before, so I doubt there is a need to think of the risks here. It’s good for the money, and this is a series that needs a proper send-off.

Let’s help them, shall we?

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