The Best Thing For a Half-Pipe is a Side-By-Side with Tracks

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Screenshot: Ken Block on YouTube

Fresh pow season is over, brah. We got, like, 30 feet of sick ass white this winter up at the lake, but it’s starting to warm up, and that’s harshing our vibe. The totally rad folks over at Boreal set up a freakin’ sweet ride park, but it’s time to burn it all down to the ground, and shred a dope sesh. Ken Block drove up to Tahoe with his Can-Am Maverick X3 XRS Turbo with a set of snow tracks for one last season-ender with pro-snowboarder Danny Davis.

I spent most of my youth either snowboarding, or watching videos of other people snowboarding, so this is right up my alley. As I get older, however, I’d much prefer to be Ken in the Can-Am than Danny riding the board. Either way, this video is a ton of fun. It’s just a couple of dudes hanging out, doing what they love, and nobody got hurt. What more can you ask for in this hellscape of an existence we humans have carved out?

Ken’s little mountain runner seems totally capable in this environment. The snow is hard packed and wet, as it’s starting to warm up and melt everything, but with 172 horsepower on tap from a Rotax engine, it’s easy to get this thing to slide a bit. And with the snow traction that the tracks supply, it’s similarly easy to get enough speed for a nice big jump on occasion.

Ken Block is just out here living his best life. I would absolutely love the opportunity to get out on an open mountain with jumps and a half pipe to play around in a track’d side-by-side. This takes the cake for next-level hooning in the snow. Once again, KB lives up to his HHIC title.

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