The BMW E60 5 Series Is Still My Favorite, I Don’t Care What You Say

Some disagreement arose in the Jalopnik Slack channel today regarding the looks of the BMW E60 5 Series. For the record, I really like the E60 generation. I find the styling elegant and timeless. Others don’t share my (correct) views.

However handsome and stately the E39 5 Series was, I would never call it elegant. Here, look:

Symmetrical and simple, with a boxy design—this is a car that has aged well. But it does look aged.



By comparison, the design that replaced it:

The lines got much more angular with the E60. The headlights and taillights brought to mind images of wings. This thing still looks modern and fresh in my mind. I think it’s great that BMW took some risks with this design.

You look at all the other 5 Series BMWs and they all look suited and zipped up. Like they’re wearing an undershirt, a dress shirt, a vest and also a jacket. The E60 had flair—tie loosened and sleeves pushed up. It lost the vest and jacket long ago.


It is so much better than the current 5 Series, the F10 generation. In fact, when I tried to recall an F10 to mind, I couldn’t. I can’t actually remember what it looks like, it’s that bland. A “bland blob,” as Tom called it.

Also, the E60 gave us the only M5 with a goddamn V10 under the hood. You want character in a sedan? You give it a screaming V10.


Raph has an interesting theory that the E60 only looks good in Europe.

I am not sure what he means by this. Anyway, I know I’m right. I’m going to find something else to yell about now.

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