The Do-Over is Adam Sandler’s newest movie and it doesn’t look terrible

Against our better judgement, we continue to enable Adam Sandler’s Netflix vacation, and The Do-Over is the actor’s latest piece of work. Don’t jump down my throat, but it doesn’t look half bad—at least compared to Sandler’s recent movies, which included The Ridiculous Six.

You have to admire Sandler for essentially hanging out with his friends, filming movies in the meantime. The Do-Over just so happens to feature David Spade, a longtime Sandler collaborator, following the two as they fake their deaths in the hopes of “starting over.”

Does The Do-Over have a double entendre for Sandler’s dying career? Are his recent choices any worse than Johnny Depp’s? No, no they are not.

I should mention the trailer above is NSFW. If you’re a longtime Sandler fan, you can already guess why before seeing the trailer. The Do-Over hits Netflix on May 27, 2016.

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