The Drive-Thru: Cyber Monday, Peloton’s bizarre ad, and a 90-year-old Macy’s store being taken over by Amazon

Hello! I hope everyone had a fruitful Black Friday and Cyber Monday. 

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Now, let’s get into this weird week, in which a bizarre commercial for Peloton somehow ended up being a bigger — or at least more drawn out — story than Cyber Monday. 

A tumultuous start to the holiday shopping season

online shopping

Crystal Cox / Business Insider

We survived Black Friday and Cyber Monday! Some big-picture takeaways: 

The move to online shopping comes with a few speed bumps:

Read Hayley on big picture takeaways here and Bethany on Walmart’s weird emails here.

Peloton’s bizarre Black Friday ad moves markets

Peloton ad woman


Peloton aired a commercial over Thanksgiving weekend and many people hated it. I personally thought the ad — which shows a woman working out on a Peloton bike over the course of a year — was not great, but not particularly offensive. I certainly did not anticipate this was going to be a week-long news cycle! And yet, we’ve got: 

Read more on Peloton here.

Walmart extended its discount for employees who worked on Thanksgiving

Walmart employee

Joe Raedle / Getty Images

Hayley reports that Walmart is giving employees more time to take advantage of a 15% discount, which was awarded to those who worked on Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and the following Saturday. 

The extension comes after the company faced backlash for not giving employees who worked on and around Thanksgiving extra pay. Walmart said it decided to offer the extension due to this year’s pay cycle. 

Read the full story here.

Store Tour: A 90-year-old Macy’s that is being taken over by Amazon 

Seattle flagship macys closing 16

Irene Jiang / Business Insider

Irene visited Seattle’s flagship Macy’s store on Cyber Monday. She found that the top six floors have already been transformed into Amazon office space. Macy’s has been banished to the bottom three levels until February 2020, when it plans to close for good.

One employee told her: “It’s business as usual, happy holidays, until the liquidators come in January.”

Read the full store tour, which serves as a pretty nice metaphor for the future of retail, here. 

Everything else you need to know:

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