The forgotten products of Apple’s fall event


The Apple hype machine got into full gear this week and left me feeling letdown. All we got was a MacBook Pro (which is nice) and an app on Apple TV called TV. So creative. Even if you don’t care about Apple, it was pretty disappointing. It came on the heels of Microsoft refreshing its Surface Book and introducing the Surface Studio—a crazy desktop with an adjustable hinge.

This was a perfect opportunity for Apple to answer back resoundingly, but it didn’t.

It seems that the dream of a “one more thing” surprise is just pie in the sky at this point. This is not to downplay how cool the new MacBook Pro and its Touch Bar are, but I was hoping (just like everyone else) Apple would have more than just one big announcement during its October event. Not everyone needs to buy or upgrade a laptop, some of us may be looking for something in a different product category. Nevertheless, we have to move forward and make due with the MacBook Pro and the Touch Bar for the time being.

With that being said, I thought it’d be cool to take a look at the products Apple failed to update yesterday. The list is surprisingly long and includes products that should (cross your fingers) get an update within the next year. Who knows, if the rumors turn out to be true, Apple may give us a few more upgrades before the end of the year.

Mac Pro

Apple’s flagship power computer is very long in the tooth. The Mac Pro hasn’t been updated since its introduction in June 2013. In the tech space, that was a long time ago, and although it was a long shot, there was hope Apple would break the drought, but it was to no avail. Rumors are swirling that Apple might introduce a refresh in November, but until that happens, we’re stuck with a three and a half-year-old computer.


The iMac was upgraded last year, but it was mostly minor. This seemed like the perfect time for Apple to one-up the Surface Studio and throw the kitchen sink into its desktop computer and it didn’t happen. The iMac still has a beautiful 5K display and more than adequate specs, but it looks much less cool now that the Surface Studio impressed us with its crazy hinge and touch display. It’s up to Apple to answer back, but who knows when that’ll be.

Cinema Display

This is Apple’s most neglected product. The Cinema Display has been in dire need of an update for some time. It’s still sporting the old thick iMac design and missing a hig-res 5K display. Those additions didn’t arrive this week, and it looks like they’ll never arrive.

Earlier this year, Apple discontinued its legacy Cinema Displays and it doesn’t look like their rushing to get a replacement out at all. Instead of updating its own display, Apple chose instead to partner with LG to create a 5K (and 4K) display. It’s time to read the writing on the wall—more likely than not, Apple is out of the display game.

iPad Pro (12.9-inch)

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