The Honda S2000 To Return As A New Custom One-Off To Remind Everyone It’s An Icon

The good news is that the Honda S2000 is coming back, from Honda, next year. The disappointing news is that’s it’s only a custom updated one-off to celebrate the iconic roadster’s 20th anniversary.

Hoping S2000 prices would slip down anytime soon? Fat chance, loser. Honda is doing its best to remind everyone just how special its old roadster is, and it’s building a super special one for January’s upcoming Tokyo Auto Salon.


This bespoke S2000 will feature an updated look, according to details from Road And Track, Car And Driver, and others, with an updated lower intake that makes it look almost exactly like a Toyota 86 from the front for some reason. The side sills, rear spoiler, and fenders have all also been reworked, and the suspension has been updated to something a little more modern than what they had back when the car was in production.

This one will be an AP1 chassis, which was produced from 1999 to 2003 before the original car underwent significant production changes.

The interior also gets an updated radio system, though it’s unclear if any other upgrades have been made. There are red seats, and the car sits on 17-inch Advan RZ2 shiners.

The one-off roadster will be joined starting Jan. 10 at the Salon by a custom first-gen Type R Civic with a wing and wheels from a Honda Insight, a one-seater microcar, and a JDM Stepwagon MPV with a motorcycle behind the seats called the “Multipurpose Slope Vehicle.”



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