The Houston Rockets had a bizarre reaction to James Harden’s game-winning shot

Rockets Bench Reactionvia TNT

James Harden hit a patented step-back jumper with two seconds remaining in the 4th quarter on Thursday night to lift the Rockets past the Warriors, 97-96. The Warriors, who were without Stephen Curry for the second consecutive game, now lead the first-round series 2-1.

After Harden hit the game-winner, the TNT cameras cut to the Houston bench. For some reason, they didn’t exactly look pleased with the outcome.

Take a look:

And here’s Harden’s shot, which was just a real beauty:

How does that shot — against the Warriors! — lead to this reaction?

Rockets Bench Reactionvia TNT

Why was the Rockets bench (save for Clint Capela) so emotionless?

Maybe they were worried that Harden had left too much time left on the clock against the best regular-season team in NBA history? Or perhaps they upset that Harden’s hero-ball had simply delayed the Warriors inevitably advancing to the second round of the playoffs? After all, now the Rockets have to fly back to Oakland, play at least two more games. Do the Rockets just want the season to be over already?

Whatever the answer, maybe Dwight Howard and Terrence Jones should take a lesson from Capela. When you take a late lead on the Warriors, it’s completely ok to celebrate. Even if it’s the Warriors who will ultimately have the last laugh.

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