The Hybrid 2023 Genesis G90 Will Get Worse Fuel Mileage Than The Non-Hybrid G90

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The 2023 Genesis G90 is a the kind of luxury car that actually looks and feels like something that luxury cars don’t, which is desirable. I was also briefly excited to read the news that it would have a hybrid version, too, though the hybrid G90 isn’t about getting better fuel mileage but boosting power.


Car and Driver uncovered EPA documents that show that the hybrid G90 will get 45 more hp, boosting the total to 420 horsepower, better than 375 horsepower on the gas-only version. Fuel mileage, meanwhile, gets worse. According to the EPA’s website, the mild hybrid electric vehicle version of the 2023 G90 gets 20 combined mpg, while the gas-only gets 21 mpg. Neither of those numbers will really matter much to owners of a car that starts at $74,950.

Still, I’d guess that the added weight of the hybrid car is to blame for the worse fuel mileage, which is part of the debate about hybrid cars these days, which is that, in the long-run, they might be the worst of both worlds, because of all that added weight.

I will be curious, in any case, to see how Genesis markets the hybrid G90 here, because car buyers think of a hybrid car as an eco car, not a car with more power. It is also possible that Genesis is merely copying what the Germans are doing, as a base S-Class is also a mild hybrid car with more or less the same power numbers as what Genesis is saying the hybrid G90 will have. And while the S-Class starts at $111,100, the hybrid G90 is very likely to cost less, and probably significantly so.

If you’re still not convinced, ask any Genesis owner what they think, though for a lot of buyers in this space owning a luxury German car is almost the entire point. Paying through the nose for it is, too.

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