The Lego Batman Movie continues to look like the best Batman movie in new trailer

Building off Batman’s scene-stealing turn in The Lego Movie, Warner Bros. is back with The Lego Batman Movie. And, as expected, it looks just as quirky and weird.

This time, Will Arnett’s gruff and arrogant Batman is the sole focus as he fights crime and excises some personal demons. Like, why is he such a loner? Turns out, his biggest fear isn’t snake clowns, but being part of a family.

The trailer registers at just over two minutes, plenty of time to fire off joke after joke. There’s even a nice jab in there about Batman v Superman, which is itself part of an extended joke about the Joker, who gets angry when Batman doesn’t consider him a real villain.

The Lego Batman Movie looks like it’s going to be everything people hope—fast, funny, and action-packed. Even the music is good!

Will Arnett is the best Batman

This could easily be a situation where all the best jokes are crammed into one trailer. But I think The Lego Batman Movie is a bit more sophisticated than that.

I know everyone is cooing over Ben Affleck’s turn as the dark knight but is his solo film ever necessary after this? It will be hard to top, that’s for sure.

The Lego Batman Movie is scheduled to hit theaters on Feb. 10, 2017.

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