NES Classic controller cable length got you down? Extension cords are out there

The NES Classic Edition launches next week on Nov. 11, and it’s a mini console. More than just the console’s size has been reduced, though. The cord length for the controller checks in around 2.5′.

Yes, it’s that short.

You’ll be right up on your TV if you want to enjoy these games. That, or you’ll need longer HDMI and power cords to bring the console close to you.

Third-party companies selling NES Classic extension cables

We received an email from a company called My Arcade about their extension cable for the NES Classic. It checks in at $9.99, and you can buy it below.” title=”Amazon Affiliate Link” target=”_blank”>Order This From Amazon

There will be more, though.

We’ll review the NES Classic Edition when we get our hands on one. Given that no one is taking pre-orders right now, that might be a while. Stay tuned.

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