The NBA ballers most likely to be snubbed from tonight’s All-Star announcement


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If you wanted to argue that Vučević has been the best player on this list this season, I would probably disagree, but I’d at least hear you out. Chances are, you wouldn’t make that point anyway, mainly because many of you haven’t seen much of him this season.

The uber-talented center toiling away down in Orlando has one-upped his 2018-19 All-Star season, but with far less healthy talent around, he’s kept the Magic afloat damn nearly by himself. Through 31 games this season, the Swiss center is averaging a career-high 24.1 points, along with 11.7 rebounds, with a shooting line of 48.1 / 40.5 / 83.5. His offensive rating is also at 115, tying a personal-best.

His second-best player this season has been Evan Fournier. People continue waiting for Aaron Gordon to ascend, but his productivity has been declining for four seasons, and the Magic are without Markelle Fultz and Jonathan Issac, and Mo Bamba is hardly a rotation player. The Magic are 12th in the conference, but they’re 13-18. Everyone but the Detroit Pistons and Minnesota Timberwolves are “right there.” If snubbed, it’ll likely be because of Adebayo and Sabonis, and Randle might be in over him, too. Other frontcourt stars in the East of consideration are Gordon Hayward, and Tobias Harris. (Jayson Tatum, too, but don’t expect him to be excluded.)

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