The NBA X Factors

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On the perimeter, the Jazz are old, slow, and mostly useless. The performance thus far stopping the Mavs supporting cast sans Luka has been pathetic. The only Jazz player on the perimeter with any ability to keep his man in front of him is Royce O’Neale. If Luka Dončić comes back to this series, it won’t matter because Utah has no chance. But, if the Jazz want to make this a series, they need O’Neal to take on the challenge Donovan Mitchell has thus far declined, stopping Jalen Brunson on switches. O’Neale is a cagey, youngish wing at 28-years-old and is the only Utah wing capable of handling any player who switches on him. The Jazz will need him to use his large frame and wingspan to body up Brunson, Spencer Dinwiddie, and Reggie Bullock in crunch time unless Mitchell suddenly decides to be a superstar on both sides.

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