2023 Nissan Z Is Almost 200 Pounds Heavier Than the 370Z

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Nissan fans have complained about the weight of the 370 for years. A simple Google search will show owners asking forums why their cars weigh so much, even YouTube videos showing ways to reduce weight. Seems like new Z owners may be joining in on those complaints, as the 2023 Nissan Z’s weight figures have leaked on the Nissan Z Club Forums. If these figures are to be believed, the 2023 Z has gained up to 189 pounds over a comparable 370Z.


2023 Nissan Z weight figures by model:

2020 Nissan 370Z weight figures by model:

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Weight has increased across the board on the Z. A base-model, manual-transmission 2023 Z weighs in at 3,486 pounds, or 153 pounds heavier than a base, manual 2020 370Z. An automatic transmission adds 63 pounds to the new Z, versus 29 pounds in the 370Z, for a gain of 187 pounds. A manual Z Performance weighs in at 3,536 pounds, 150 pounds heavier than a 2020 370Z Sport; switch to the auto, and the ‘23 Performance tips the scales at 3,602 pounds, or 189 pounds heavier than an automatic 370Z Sport. The heaviest 2020 370Z, a Sport Touring model with an automatic transmission, weighed in at 3,439 pounds, which is still 47 pounds lighter than the lightest 2023 Z.

The Z Club Forum also posted fuel economy figures for the 2023 Z. According to the leak, a manual Z gets 18 mpg city, 24 highway, while the automatic 19 city, 28 highway. (The figures are the same no matter the trim level.) This compares to 17 mpg city, 26 highway for a manual 2020 370Z, or 19 city, 26 highway with the automatic.


Weight is a concern in any sports car. But let’s remember that the 370Z was on the market for over a decade; new tech, new safety features, and a new twin-turbo engine were bound to add some weight to the new Z, which is built on a modified version of the 370Z platform.

But it is telling that the lightest new Z now weighs more than the heaviest 370Z. Regardless, we’re extremely curious to see how this much-anticipated new sports car performs.

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