The New Acura Integra Will Be A Five Door Liftback

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If you saw the first teaser for next year’s Acura Integra revival, you may have expected a two-door was on its way. After seeing the faked spy shots, that’s what I expected too. Turns out, we were both wrong.


Acura sent out a second teaser today, this time featuring the rear of the upcoming Integra. The dark photo doesn’t reveal much of the car’s side profile, but the panel gaps show off two important features: a break for two rear doors, and a hatch that extends up into the roof.

Some may be disappointed, seeing their hopes of an ultra-lightweight two door Type R successor dashed on the cliffs of daily practicality. The change, though, isn’t without precedent for the Integra nameplate.

Acura’s tease included another photo, this one of a 1986 Integra RS. The first-generation, first-model-year car carried the same silver paint as their upcoming concept, as well as another key similarity: the five door liftback body.

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Image for article titled The New Acura Integra Will Be A Five Door Liftback

Photo: Acura

It seems like Acura’s skipped over nineties nostalgia, and the company is basing their newest Integra off of its original eighties concept. Whether or not that includes those turbofan-looking wheels, I don’t yet know, but I can dream.


Of course, it’s possible the new Integra will take inspiration from the third-generation four-doors that continue to haunt my Craigslist searches. The ‘90s Integra even offered a four-door Type R — in extremely limited quantities. With Acura’s renewed focus on their Type S performance line, it wouldn’t be out of character for them to offer a performance variant of their new compact.

Acura’s teaser didn’t give a date for more information beyond a 2022 “introduction”, but mentioned the possibility of more information before the formal hellos begin. If it looks anything like the current TLX Type S in full production guise, I know I’ll be very interested.

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