The New Subaru WRX Can Cost More Than The Old STI

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Subaru is releasing a new WRX for 2022, and along with it comes a new price for the rally-inspired car’s fifth generation. It initially debuted in September 2021 to some mixed reviews – mostly around its questionable blacked-out fender. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look as if its price is going to win anyone over, either.


Pricing starts at $30,100 including destination. That’ll get you the case car with a six-speed manual transmission mated to a new 2.4-liter turbocharged four banger. It’ll make 271 hp and 258 pound-feet of torque. That’s a very modest increase over the outgoing fourth generation. Since we’re keeping track, that is a $1,680 price increase over the old car.

If you are a bit weird or are missing your left leg, you can opt for the Subaru Performance Transmission which is just a marketing name for a CVT. That option, however, bumps the price to $31,950.

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These figures all include a mandatory $995 destination charge.

A price increase like that isn’t too unheard of. But, things really start to come off the rails when you opt for higher end models. The top dog in the WRX family is the GT. That bad boy start’s at 42,890. For reference, a top of the line 2021 WRX STI Limited starts at $41,945. It should be noted the GT would technically slot in about the Limited 2022 WRX since it’s a completely new trim level that’s only available with the CVT.

A 2022 WRX Limited with a 6-speed starts at 36,990, including destination. That’s still a substantial bump over the 2021 Limited. That trim started at $32,905. Just for a fun comparison, a 2021 base WRX STI starts at $37,245. That’s only $255 more than the 2022 Limited.

You can expect the new WRX to be available to purchase sometime this spring with a very healthy dealer markup along with it.

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