The Nissan Titan Isn’t Dead Yet But It Might Be On Its Way

Photo: Nissan

Exactly 31,514 Nissan Titans (sorry, TITANs) were sold last year, or 37.5 percent fewer Titans than were sold in 2018, when 50,540 Titans were sold. While some people might be waiting for the “refresh” on 2020 Titans, that doesn’t totally explain such a huge drop off.

Now, part of it could be a return to normal for the Titan, since before the diesel XD was introduced, Titans sold even less, with 15,691 Titans sold in 2013, 12,527 in 2014, 12,140 in 2015, and 21,880 in 2016, before exploding to 52,924 in 2017 and then 50,540 last year. But Nissan announced earlier this year that it would stop production of the XD in December, maybe taking Titan sales with it.


And maybe Nissan is fine with that, given that 31,514 is still a decent number (historically speaking) for a truck introduced in 2010 that never broke through to seriously challenge the F-150, Silverado, or Ram 1500, all of which sold at least a half-million last year.

And in that context the Nissan Titan’s name remains painfully ill-fitting and, indeed, makes you wonder how long for this world the Titan may be, since 10 years of trying and failing seems like enough evidence to show that the Titan may never get there, especially with the XD flopping.

I emailed Nissan to see what they could tell me about the future of the Titan and will update this post if I hear back. Nissan has bigger fish to fry these days, in any case.

Update, 5:13 p.m.: A Nissan spokeswoman sent me the following statement:

The newly redesigned 2020 TITAN goes on sale late this month. We intend to strengthen our presence in the truck market in a sustainable manner by offering a compelling combination of class-leading standard horsepower and torque, a distinctive new design and a comprehensive package of standard safety technologies – Nissan Safety Shield 360. We have passionate owners, and this investment demonstrates our commitment to TITAN in the extremely competitive full-size pickup segment.

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