The Pros And Cons Of Welding A Car’s Differential

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A really simple way of turning your hella dope car into the ultimate personal drifting machine is to weld its differential. That may make drifting much easier, but is it going to ruin your daily driver?


The latest video from CarThrottle explores what it’s like daily driving a car with a welded differential, covering some of the pros and cons:

A welded differential keeps both of the back wheels on the car spinning at the same speed, but since the wheel on the outside is typically spinning faster than the inner wheel in a turn or corner, keeping both wheels spinning at the same rate will cause the inner wheel to lose traction and skip, making oversteer easier to accomplish.

Easier oversteer can definitely be a good thing when it’s intentional and the driver knows how to manage it. But welding a differential is a very permanent thing it turns out, and it will have side effects when it comes to all of the times you’re not doing a maaaad skid through a corner. You should also definitely make sure you know what you’re doing first, because you will very easily ruin your car.


First off, if you don’t weld the differential correctly, you’re going to turn it into a shrapnel grenade which will definitely not be a good thing. Do it properly, and there’s fun to be had.

Also, making the car essentially more difficult to turn means slow, tight corners are going to suck. This includes parking lots. If you’re going to be doing a lot of tight parking and reversing, a welded differential might be a major pain in your ass.



Before all of this, though, you should make sure your drivetrain will be able to manage the additional stress locking up your differential will put on it. Intentionally breaking one part of your car may very well accidentally break many other parts of the car.

But, as the video says, it’s important to have fun and own your drift missile. Just be safe and make sure you have a decent tire budget if you want to turn the rubber into road.

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