The Second-Most Instagrammed Car in the World Is the Honda Civic

The Honda Civic Type R.
The Honda Civic Type R.
Image: Honda

Instagram is a sometimes halfway-decent corner of the internet because it’s all about imagery, and because there are plenty of car photos to scroll through. But while you’d think supercars would dominate its feeds, they don’t—the second-most Instagrammed car by hashtags, apparently, is the Honda Civic.

The Civic is second only to the Ford Mustang, just like every other car. All hail the hot hatches, and the muscle cars that just keep on selling.

The Instagram stats are according to a recent study, published by insurance company Veygo and shared this month by Motoring Research. The study only looked at cars that are currently in production, using the total number of posts between a car’s top-two hashtags to rank them. Tags with multiple meanings, like “#golf” for a Volkswagen Golf, weren’t included in the study.

It’s Volkswagen’s fault for naming its car after your dad’s game, don’t complain to us.

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Graphic: Alanis King (Data: Veygo)


Veygo came up with a list of the top 30 in-production cars that people post with hashtags, and about half were everyday vehicles like the Mustang, Civic, Toyota Corolla, Jeep Wrangler, Mazda Miata and so on. The Civic Type R hot-hatch trim was its own entry on the list, coming in at 18th.

Lamborghinis, Porsches, BMW M cars and others were scattered throughout the list, but the Civic beat them all —the Civic, the car model that’s currently sitting in my driveway with the suspension of an 1800s horse carriage, a broken vanity mirror and paint that looks like a brown galaxy, since Honda used to do a recall for it but gave up. What a nice feeling it is to be part of this popular Instagram crowd, despite all of those imperfections. There truly is hope for us all.

(A search of the regular Civic hashtags show that the top posts are mostly hot hatches, whether they be covered in Si or Type R badges, or modified in some other way. Our car is the opposite of “hot” or a “hatch,” since it’s a slow coupe—even if the word “coupe” means nothing these days.)


So, friends, get your Civics posed for a photo in front of a sunset this weekend, even if it means shoving your local Chiron out of the way to be the best angle. After all, that Civic of yours is the second-most hashtagged car on Instagram, even if production quantities might be a small factor in that equation.

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