The world’s smallest camera drone fits in your palm, avoids FAA regulations — 27% off

SKEYE Nano camera drone

The SKEYE Nano is the world’s smallest camera drone, meaning it can fit in your pocket and duck under FAA regulations. It can fly indoors and out with full six-axis stabilization, and TechnoBuffalo Deals has it now for $49.99 shipped.

This tiny drone weighs less than half an ounce, but it is an accomplished flyer. There are three flight modes to choose from, giving beginners the opportunity to take off with forgiving controls. Experienced pilots can send the SKEYE into tight spaces, and through a routine of loops and flips. These maneuvers are smoothed by gyroscopic stability control, which also comes in useful when using the camera. This can record video and still images onto the provided microSD card, and LEDs illuminate the flight path after dark. The drone charges via the supplied USB cable, and can fly continuously for 3–4 minutes, with a control range of up to 164 feet. Being so small, the SKEYE is great for nervous novice pilots and folks who want an eye in the sky when traveling light.

You can order the SKEYE Nano now to save 27% on the MSRP, with free shipping to the Continental US and four replacement rotor blades included.

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