There’s Now an Airline for Millennials Because Sure, Whatever

Photo: AP

Air France announced this week it is launching Joon, a new airline “especially aimed at a young working clientele, the millennials,” and more specifically the good rich ones who like flying to Paris a lot.

In a statement, the airline explained Joon will offer an “innovative and offbeat” air travel experience for the “epicurean and connected” millennial, starting with medium-haul flights from Paris’ Charles de Gaulle Airport in fall 2017 and expanding to long-haul flights by 2018.


Air France explained millennials needed their own airline because they are “opportunistic in a positive sense of the word as they know how to enjoy every moment and are in search of quality experiences that they want to share with others.” Air France also explained why Air France needs an airline for millennials: “Joon will not be a low-cost airline.”

Flight attendants’ uniforms will appeal to millennials by being both “basic and chic,” which sounds like something a mean person told Air France millennials like as a joke. This was helpfully illustrated by the below video, which you could honestly watch like six times in a row and not realize has anything to do with air travel (I do not recommend doing this).

Joon is kind of a perfect thing to happen in 2017, a bad and stupid year, because it combines all the weird, tired millennial jargon that marketers have invented with the knowingly infuriating tone of someone trying to goad said millennials into a reaction. If that doesn’t float your boat, you can look forward to 2018, when someone tries to milk a few thousand hate-shares out of a “Millennials Killed the Airline for Millennials” take.


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