These are the 13 jobs in London where a robot is most likely to steal your job

A child looks at a humanoid robot "Nao" doing maths at the workshop of Aldebaran Robotics company during its opening week in Issy-Les-Moulineaux near Paris July 2, 2014. The Aldebaran Workshop opens three main spaces, discovering, learning and developing, for the public to interact with humanoid robots and to introduce a new generation of emotionally-savvy robots which organisers hope one day could become man's new best friend. Picture taken July 2, 2014. REUTERS/Philippe Wojazer

In the future the global employment market will rely heavily on robots, artificial intelligence, and all sorts of automation.

In fact, technology is so crucial going forward, that in January, the World Economic Forum predicted that in less than five years more than five million human jobs will be replaced by automation, AI, and robots.

Just this week, a new report showed nearly a third of retails jobs in the UK could disappear by 2025, with many workers replaced by technology in some way or another.

But which jobs in London are at the most risk of being done by robots in the future? As part of its “Global cities, global talent” report, Big Four accountancy firm Deloitte took a look into the jobs in Britain’s capital at the highest risk of automation moving forward.

Deloitte ranked job sectors using data from Oxford University academics Carl Frey and Michael Osborne, and the ONS, before creating a ranking from what it calls the “proportion of jobs at high risk of automation.” Most of the jobs at risk of being taken by robots generally involved low skilled, manual work, but some of them might surprise you.

Check out the list below.

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