These are the Names You Have Given Your Cars

Honey: ‘86 Hyundai Excel (Manual, brown, hatchback, a great Jalop 1st car)

The fucking Sundance: ‘88 Dodge Shadow (yeah, I know)

Max: ‘88 Mitsubishi Might Max

The Surly D-san: ‘99 Nissan Frontier (my IRL title/nickname is The Duke of Surl)

Blue Stinger: ‘86 Suzuki GS650-L

The Jeep: ‘99 Jeep Cherokee Limited (see username)

Zoom Zoom: ‘03 Ford Focus (named by the spawn)

The Saturn: ‘99 Saturn SL2

Zoom Zoom 2: ‘12 Ford Focus (named by the spawn)

Black Betty: ‘04 Dodge Dakota

42 Wallaby Way: ‘19 Escape

Oscar: ‘07 Saturn Sky

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