These Are Your Most Overrated Cars Of All Time

I’m gonna go out and say the 1989-1993(4) 240SX. It’s a holy grail car, the King of the Old School Drifters and it sits on a pedestal thanks to NFS Underground, Forza, Grand Turismo, etc. It’s a great car, but only after a TON of work.

Want a sporty engine like the JDM examples in your games? Get ready for an engine swap, but those are getting expensive these days now that supply is drying up. So go ahead and LS swap it like everyone else and forget that turbo fun.

Want a great handling chassis? Well time to replace the Rear Upper/Lower Control arms, get some coil overs, gotta weld the diff or get a LSD, oh and then we can’t forget the wheels (But not Reps because you’ll be laughed out of the paddock, noob).

Oh, you don’t even have a car yet? Well if you want a Hatch, a roller with rust issues, no interior, and no title, that’s about a $4k price tag, a Coupe maybe a little less….

The 240SX is the stuff of legends, mainly because it has the chassis of a legend and then you have to buy everything else ala carte. Its an ideal car because it can be tailored to each owner, but in stock form its a dog and heavily overrated.

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