These Avantree Bluetooth headphones will deliver brilliant wireless audio without the annoying lag time


Bluetooth headphones are convenient to use, but not when you’re experiencing a sound lag while trying to watch a movie or play a game. For that, you need to pick up a pair of low latency ‘phones like the Avantree AptX Bluetooth headphones.

The true measure of any headphones is sound quality — and these Avantree AptX come powering through like a champ. You get clean treble, thumping bass and a crystal clarity you’d expect from a top-flight audio experience. You’ve even got bass boost and noise cancelling settings to contour your audio specifically to your music, TV, or gaming console.

But what truly makes these Avantree headphones stand out is their AptX low latency audio technology. When used with a Bluetooth-enabled television or other device, you can reduce the typical Bluetooth audio delay to levels undetectable to the human ear.

Comfortably lightweight with ultra-soft pads and an adjustable headband, you can stretch these headphone’s long battery life up to 40 hours without a recharge. Plus, its one-touch connectivity makes for an amazingly simple listening session — just tap your phone to connect it to the headset.

Get the Avantree Bluetooth headphones for 30% off — just $69.99 with free U.S. shipping included — with this limited-time offer from the Technobuffalo Deals Store.

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