Things Go From Bad To Worse To Oh No My Car Has Broken In Half For Vintage Drag Racer


There’s no such thing as too much power, just not a strong enough car.

This Plymouth Belvedere drag racer twisted its entire rear end out of itself at New England Dragway over the weekend. The dragficionados at BangShift suspect that poor welds are to blame:


As you will see, the suspension breaks almost instantly on the hit of the throttle and by theme the car gets to 60″ the rear axle is shoved up under the thing all cockeyed. From one camera angle you can see that the bracket welded to the axle tube just came off like it was zip-tied onto the third member. We’re not mocking this guy’s pain but we are telling you that there are professionals out there who do this stuff for a living and the ones we know, the reputable ones, would never let something like this happen.

I am far from an expert on this subject, as the last time I tried to weld anything together I got a large glowing hole where metal was supposed to be. Still, hopefully this driver gets this old Plymouth in order and keeps a closer eye on getting everything right, down to the littlest structural weld.

That’s Not Gone Well

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