This 1500 HP Nissan Hatchback Looks Super Sketchy To Drive, But It’s Damn Fast

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Screenshot: Gumbal on YouTube

A few times a year some crazy German drag racers gather at Airport Neuhardenberg for some half-mile top speed challenge racing, and the high level of stuff that shows up to this event is truly spectacular. Just like runway racing here in the States, there’s plenty of exotic and high-end sports car metal with big turbos and even bigger speed, but also like runway racing here in the States, the most impressive stuff is the small cars with big turbos.


Anyone can buy a Porsche 992 Turbo and have a tuning shop crank up the boost to run a fast time. Not everyone can build a 1500-horsepower 4G63T Mitsubishi engine, stuff it in a Nissan Sunny hatch, and keep it running in a straight line for a half mile. Not only is this car incredibly fast, but it looks extremly difficult to keep pointed in one direction. All the way down the 2640, this car is wobbling and shooting off in one direction or another. It’s sketchy as hell in the best way.

There isn’t much about this build out there on the internet that I can find. Even the LCE High Performance shop website doesn’t so much as mention the thing shaped like a Pulsar GTI-R. According to the channel which took the video, it’s running a 2-liter 4G63 with a 76 mm turbocharger from Garrett, pushing 1500 horseponies to the ground on methanol. I might be able to run this fast on meth, too. In any case, as you can see from the video below, the car ran an absolutely mind-blowing 308.21 kilometers per hour in the half, which translates to 191.5 in units our American brains might understand.

Everywhere I’ve seen mention of the event calls it a half-mile, but with the name of the event being Race 1000, I wonder if maybe the actual course is 1000 meters? That would be just over 0.6 miles, so maybe close enough? Either way, 191.5 miles per hour is staggeringly impressive from a car which was originally offered with a 54-horsepower optional engine. This is a bit quicker than a stock one.

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