This 1913 Monster Is The American Answer To Europe’s Aero-Engined Racers

This 1913 Monster Is The American Answer To Europe's Aero-Engined Racers

Detroit’s Monarch went bankrupt less than three years after failing to move from four-cylinders to V8s, but that didn’t stop them from making an aero-engined prototype racer as well. This one is making noise around Goodwood.

You may know Duncan Pittaway. He’s that very friendly crazy person who spent a decade collecting and putting together all the pieces that make The Beast of Turin, a unique Fiat record car originally built in 1911. But that’s not his only Edwardian car. Not by a long shot.…

Monarch built a bunch of V8 and V12 prototypes, and one of their racing chassis were converted using a liquid-cooled Curtiss OX-5 V8 aircraft engine. Duncan’s car isn’t the original, but one that works just like that.

What’s more fun than a hitting a roundabout with a car that only has a handbrake while you hand-pump the fuel and shift gears almost like you would on a modern sequential? No modern Ferrari, that’s for sure.


Watch out with those modern Mini Coopers, because this thing might not stop in time.

Photo credit: Goodwood Road and Racing

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